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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bob, Bob, Bob and weave

I held a brief and vain, I now see, hope that Bob Barr might take the message of the Ron Paul Revolution to the general election as the Libertarian Party presidential nominee. In fact, after my encouraging post on Bob's website he asked me to endorse his candidacy for the LP nomination. We exchanged a few emails, the gist being that I asked him to pledge to feature the abolition of the Federal Reserve prominently as an issue in his campaign. Bob demurred diplomatically. So, I only gave him a statement of general support - not an endorsement. I waited for his official announcement - too much Bob and weave.

He is now officially announced for the nomination. I'm glad Mr. Barr is stepping into this contest. He has the opportunity to learn a lot about libertarians that he doesn't seem to understand yet. Being refused the nomination by the convention could do him good - if he is in this for the long run. I wish him well in his pursuit of a deeper understanding of what libertarians want. In four more years, he might be ready. Today, he doesn't get it. That's not harsh I think. Bob Barr may have come a long way from Langley but he still has long way to go - if he wants to make the effort.

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