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Monday, April 14, 2008

April 15th: Proof there is no constitution

There is no constitution. You have no protected rights because the State is not and cannot be the guardian of your rights. You and you alone are the guardian of your rights. Pay those taxes and further your own abuse. None of it belongs to you because none of it is beyond the claim of the State. If you want to begin to recover the means to regain your rights, then buy gold and clean your weapons while you still can. Soon you lose the dispensation and you will have neither guns nor gold. Utterly enslaved.

Don't whine about democracy saving you. You have no candidates of your own and the elections are rigged against you having any candidate of your own. No constitution, no democracy.

Flee or fight. Either is honorable. Submission is never honorable. Get your travel papers in order and get out of the American Reich while you can.

Happy Tax and Death Day.