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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Three to throw off the train in 2008

The three of nine Justice up for retention/rejection in 2008 are:
Justice Robert E. Lavender, Justice Tom Colbert, and Justice Joseph M. Watt.

Since the refusal to hear the case on ballot access was a unanimous decision, all three should be reject in 2008. The next three up for rejection in 2010 are: Justice Steven W. Taylor, Justice James R. Winchester and Justice Rudolph Hargrave; followed in 2012 by Justices Opala, Kauger and Edmondson, if they are still on the bench.

Developments pending...


Mike said...

the thing is...rejection almost never happens.

D. Frank Robinson said...

Ah! That's what makes the prospect so sweet. The Oklahoma Supreme Court has made many enemies with its politically partial rulings - left, right, up, down, and inside out. There just may be a constituency that can be mobilized. It could be historic.